We identify optimization problems (within your specific digital channels and applications) and develop targeted problem-solving techniques within a variety of applications.

Applied Optimization

What we do.

Web Anatomy offers a comprehensive optimization method specifically designed to allow your brand maximum impact online. Our digital search engine optimization strategy is tailor-made for developing your digital presence consistently with measurable results.

Our method is a full turnkey approach, to achieve the best results we focus on understanding your brand’s identity, your goals and your business model.

We take your existing website and optimize it according to the various search engines standards, focusing on organic ranking and error minification. The website’s entire content from adverts, blogs to its social media channels, its environment and architecture are assessed and redesigned to become easier for search engines to read. This allows for the website to get a higher SEO score and appear more frequently in search results (SERPS).

Conception. Creation. Publication.

As a business starting out with a new concept or project it is always important knowing all the correct foundation blocks that are being used. Web Anatomy is capable of taking your digital dream from concept to creation. Sit down with our team for a comprehensive digital brief, making sure your concept becomes a reality. 

Our focus is on ensuring our clients receive the best possible service from beginning to end and we pride ourselves on our unique approach to understanding our clients brand and their requirements. Our team is perfect to create your one of a kind website, app or digital strategy.

Once your concept has been created we are perfectly positioned to publish your end project or concept and launch it to the maximum.

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The Web Anatomy Method

  • Digital Auditing

    Our method includes an extensive internal audit focusing on SEO, Marketing Channels, website environement and user experience.

  • Website Maintenance

    Web Anatomy has a structured maintenance plan incorporating all aspects of the website and environment including 24 hour monitorising and comprensive digital reports.

  • Keyword Planning and Strategy

    A key aspect of your digital presence is identifying the correct keywords for your customers and Google to understand your brand and services or products.

  • Advanced Hosting Solutions

    Advanced hosting options for shared or dedicated servers by the best in the world.

  • Web Development

    Web Anatomy is capable of offering a variety of web developments options including WordPress, custom development, application and software development.

  • Content Creation

    The Web Anatomy method includes content concepts and creation tairlor made for your brand including website content, blogs, articles and social media campaigns.

Tech Web Anatomy

Development and Optimization

Website Design

The best way to start a user’s experience is with a beautifully designed website that accurately reflects the brand. As the saying goes ‘pictures are worth a thousand words’ and the same is true for a website. It is also improtant that your website is easy to navigate, a user doesn’t want to search for your product or service.

Google Application Integration

One of the biggest advantages of websites, online marketing and other digital applications is the transparent way data is gathered, analyzed and utilized going forward. Our Google Application Integration setup is ideal to track your performance.

Onpage SEO

Onpage SEO is the method of optimizing an individual web page using a variety of factors including keyword planning, user experience and website performance to improve ranking. The aim of SEO is to gain a higher page rank organically within the search engine results and Onpage SEO is an integral part of this process.

Performance and Device Delivery Optimization

Users access your website and social media channels from a variety of devices and operating systems. Apple or android or mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. We focus on delivering your brand consistently across all devices.

Marketing and Monitoring

Social Media Marketing

One of the unique benefits of the digital age is the convenient way of introducing users to a brand via social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, We Chat etc depending on your business model.

Marketing Strategy

Using a digital marketing strategy allows brands to focus their marketing channels and increase overall lead generation digitally. Using your channels effectively allows you to monitor your sales targets.

Monitoring and Reporting

Digital marketing is measurable. Web Anatomy offers comprehensive reports covering all aspects of your digital presence on a monthly basis. We know that the proof is in the data we give.