SEO Audits

SEO audits are processes in which a website is analyzed to determine which of the best practices of Search Engine Optimization (SEO) have been implemented correctly and which have not. The best practices of SEO are the base tasks a website should perform in order to improve its search engine rankings. An SEO audit determines which practices are being utilized correctly and what can be improved in order to have your website be found on searches organically across the internet or the various search engines.  

There are several types of SEO Audits that are conducted to analyze different parts of your SEO and digital presence, Web Anatomy specializes in the following audit types:


Why choose Web Anatomy for your SEO Audits?


During an SEO audit the Web Anatomy team will review key factors that can affect your overall SEO score which the search engine considers during indexing, which means if your website has a low score it will have a low performance. We offer specialized SEO audits or an overall, all-inclusive SEO Audit that covers the main aspects of each type of SEO audit. 


What do SEO audits entail?


Research. The main ingredient for SEO audits is research and is the process of gathering important data, and interrupting the data to find the best SEO tactics that need to be deployed to improve your overall SEO performance. SEO Research is a key factor to a successful SEO audit. There are a variety of research areas, and each type of research is conducted for a different SEO audit. 


Web Anatomy will assess your website and industry in order to determine which type of audit and research would be the most beneficial to you. Some common types of research conducted are the industry’s competition, market share, target audience, cornerstone content, geographical, demographical, social channels and industry trends to name a few. 


How long until I start seeing results?


SEO does not produce instant results, any company that tells you they can guarantee you immediate results from SEO is generally using black hat SEO techniques such as linking your website to numerous fake websites to generate higher website traffic. SEO is a slow and steady process that takes between 4 and 6 months depending on your industry to start showing results. SEO needs to be consistently and continuously worked on in order to show tangible results. It takes longer due to the high amount of research and trend observations that have to take place.

How to determine if your SEO is working?

The best way to determine if your SEO is working is through reports. Any good SEO company will supply you with detailed reports on what they have done to improve your SEO results and the effects of their efforts. There are different types of reports you can receive:

  1. Competitor Analysis
  2. Market report
  3. Search report
  4. Performance reports 
  5. Statistics report
  6. Strategic Analysis

These various reports will indicate how your company is doing in its industry and how effective the SEO steps being conducted on your website are. Depending on your SEO package you can receive either a weekly or monthly report to view how your website is performing.


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