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In the online world, your digital footprint is all you have, allow us to help you grow yours.

Our digital journey began in 2012 and we have since evolved our business into the comprehensive SEO and website management agency known as Web Anatomy. As of November 2019, we officially opened our first international branch in Burnaby, BC, Canada and will be adding 2 new branches soon.


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Our mission

We want to provide beneficial and affordable SEO and website management solutions to businesses of all sizes around the world.

Our values

We believe in bettering brands and working with brands as they grow. Committing to putting in as much effort as the brand owner does.

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Why work with us?

So much experience..

Our team has over 12 years experience in SEO. This means our team has encountered a lot of different types of SEO error and has already established ways of eliminating errors and increasing SEO scores.

The best client support

With international locations we provide round the clock support and personal attention to any technical issues encountered with our systems. We know how important your up time is to your business.

Comprehensive SEO

Search engine optimization is the process of bettering the quality and quantity of visitors to your website from search engines. Simply put SEO helps more people find your website organically.

Bettering the benchmark

Our aim is always to be better than the global benchmark. Whether the project is for our SEO clients or individual Google AdWords campaigns our teams aim to always get a better than benchmark result.

Step ahead Technology

We provide our clients a cost-effective way of utilizing the best of the best hosting environments and search engine optimization systems without having to pay the fees that many other businesses charge.

The best for your brand

We look after your brand online like we would our own. This means that to the best of our team's ability, we will take one extra little step in assisting your brand in remaining consistent and respected online.

Want to know how we can help your business?

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