Website Management and Maintenance Specialists

Our team is here to assist you in maintaining and managing your website on an ongoing basis so you don’t have to. Ensure there is a team of professionals checking on your digital assets at all times.

What is Website Management?

Website Management is the process of maintaining and monitoring your website professionally to ensure all its functions and features perform as they were intended to.

Website Maintenance

The practice of maintaining a website includes all the methods generally used for a website including security, content delivery and more.

Website Updates

Every website is made up of elements that need to be updated regularly to ensure each feature on the website works as it was intended.

Technical Support

We offer your website technical support for common website errors such as 'page not found', contact form not working or broken links.

Website Security

Website management with the Web Anatomy team gives your website access to premium security plugins to protect your website.

Content Delivery

Our content delivery network allows all websites on our website management package to deliver there user's a better online experience.

Long Term Development

Our website management services we include long term development aiming at growing your website, updating and improving content.

How we manage your website

We manage your website using a combination of automated technology and human verification to ensure no errors are missed on your website. Even one small error can lead to users bouncing from your website.

Audit your website and reports

We will conduct regular website audits and checks to determine your website’s overall performance ranking allowing our team to provide ongoing reports and support.

Update your website

To keep your website functioning at its best we will update your website theme, plugins and any elements that make up your website and provide your users s good experience.

Secure your environment

As part of our management we will ensure your website has access to WordPress security systems which give your website the best protection available at this level of mangement.

Upload Website Content and Products

Our website management allows you easy website updates such as image changes, text updates or e-commerce product updates. We will handle all the uploads on your behalf.

Website Management Tools

We use an extensive range of website management tools and methods that we know produce the results needed so we can give our clients the management we promise them.

Website Management Packages

Our team provides comprehensive website management packages that are suited for businesses of all sizes. Our website management package one is ideal for small businesses new to the online user experience while our package three is better suited for larger businesses that require more ongoing updates and management time.

Level 1

  • Updates
  • Uptime Monitoring
  • Security System
  • Technical Support

Level 2

  • Updates
  • Security System
  • SEO System
  • Technical Support
  • Backups
  • Google Indexing
  • Reports

Level 3

  • Updates
  • Security System
  • SEO System
  • Technical Support
  • Backups
  • Google Indexing
  • Product Uploads
  • SEO Content Creation
  • Reports

Our website management services include:

As part of our website management services we include the below services to maintain your websites ongoing performance.

Daily Website Checks

Our team checks your website on a daily basis making sure your website is loading correctly and appears on your users screens functioning the way it should be. 

Server Response Checks

Your website is pinged every 15 seconds and if at any stage there is no response from the server our team would be notified immediately allowing us to fix the error.


We take backups of your website and store your backups in a secure environment which means at any given time we can access your website prior to an error being recorded.

Support and Website User Management

Our team will provide your website with basic support and assistance with your user management, giving you more control over who has access to your website’s back end.

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