June 27, 2023

What is Digital Optimization?

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Let’s explore what digital optimization is, your digital presence, its benefits and how digital optimization positively affects your digital marketing endeavours:


What is Digital Optimization?

Digital Optimization is a multitude of processes that make use of the latest digital technologies and principles to improve the efficiency, and user-experience a business’s digital presence generates. Its main focus is on improving your website’s performance and your clients experience while interacting with your business online. 

Digital optimization includes assessing your business’s entire digital presence and analyzing it to determine what needs to be changed or updated to further your business’s online visibility goals. Your digital presence and optimization have a direct effect on your website’s SEO scores as well as your search engine results (SERPS).


What forms part of your Digital Presence?

A business’s digital presence is made of its website, social media accounts, digital marketing campaigns and adverts, online content (such as blogs, news reports, interviews etc…) as well as anything else associated with the business that can be seen online. Your digital presence is what undergoes digital optimization to be more relevant to your target audience and to generate authority with search engines.


Why is Digital Optimization important?

The purpose of digital optimization is to ensure your digital presence and mainly your website is achieving its full potential. Digital optimization speeds up your website’s speed, reactivity and decreases its loading speed. It also improves your customer’s experience on your website and having a user-friendly website will give a positive impression of your business to both new and returning clients. If optimization is done correctly your website will also be easier for search engines to understand and interrupt your website. The better search engines understand your website, the higher they will rank on search engine results (SERPs).


How does Digital Optimization affect your Digital Marketing?

As Digital Optimization improves your website’s performance and makes it easier to navigate when your Digital Marketing campaigns send clients to your website they find it more inviting as well as easier to make purchases on your site. Digital Optimization also streamlines your data and report processes, making them more efficient which saves your employees searching time as well as increasing productivity. With data more readily available collecting and analyzing marketing strategies becomes a walk in the park. Information such as which browsers your clients are using, their behaviour patterns (both on your site and before they reached your site) as well as how much it cost to get that user to your site is easy to gather. 


The main benefits of Digital Optimization and Optimizing your Digital Marketing are:


Campaign Optimization and Analytics:

Optimizing your marketing or email campaigns to make them more personal to your clientele will increase your return on investment (ROI) and generate more genuine leads from your marketing endeavours. Collecting the data from each campaign will provide information such as audience reached, the time/day your campaign received the most views, the most popular service or product and which page/button lead to the most sales. Using this information to enhance your next marketing campaign will increase your sales and leads generated.


Decreases Loading Speed and Responsive Designs:

An optimized website is a website that loads faster and is reactive, meaning your clients do not have to wait for images or pages to load. We all know how much clients despise waiting! On average 40% of website users will not wait more than 3 seconds before moving onto another website. An optimized website is quick to load and responsive to your visitors. A responsive website is a website that can be viewed on any device without losing its important design features. As of 2020, 50% of online visitors came from mobile devices, if your website does not display on mobile devices you are halving your target audience before they even see your website!


Optimize your Paid Search Campaigns:

Using search engine marketing or pay-per-click advertising can be a costly affair, and without optimizing your campaigns your advert generally results in a low ROI. Digital Optimization will provide valuable insights onto how to place your bids on keywords, which negative keywords to add to your campaigns (negative keywords are keywords you do not want your adverts to appear on), as well as which keywords you should place your highest bids on, based on your target audience’s behaviour. It will also provide on which campaigns are worth continuing and which you should cancel, saving you on costs that will produce no sales.


Increased Reliability and Authority Online:

With Digital Optimization your website will have fewer errors and therefore less downtime. Downtime means your website is not online and not making money for you. Optimization includes updating your website and security which makes it more reliable. The more reliable your website is the more trust you will earn with your clients and with search engines. Search engines do not want to recommend a website that is often down or has a lot of errors. Optimization will also affect your authority online and is a factor search engines consider when determining your website’s SEO scores. A website’s authority is how secure your domain is and how relevant it is to the search engines users. Optimization ensures your website is relevant and that your domain is secure, which boosts your authority.


Optimization creates a baseline for Digital Transformation:

An optimized website is needed to transform your digital presence. Digital transformation begins with your brand/business undergoing in-depth audits to determine what is working and what needs to be changed. Once the audit is completed then digital transformation can be done, your entire identity is altered to better suit the modern trends and your customers’ preferences. Digital Transformation is a lengthy process and requires a solid baseline to work from otherwise it could be ineffective. Digital optimization provides the data, infrastructure and design from which your transformation can launch. Without digital optimization being done first your business can spend thousands on a new brand or identity with very little reward or ROI.


Optimized DOM Content Loading:

DOM Content is the content that is first downloaded and displayed by search engines when they request your website from its server. Your DOM content should be the content that is most important and will convince your website viewer to stay on your website while the rest of it loads. When your website is optimized your DOM content will be determined and will generate an order of hierarchy for your content. This means that your most popular content and features will be displayed before the less important content. Holding your viewer’s attention while the rest of your website downloads. 

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