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Web Anatomy was founded in 2019

Web Anatomy is an SEO Specialist agency that offers a full range of digital services, in which SEO is the focus point on how those services are delivered.


We currently have 3 locations around the world, 2 of our branches are in South Africa, Cape Town is our head office and we have a branch in Sandton Johannesburg . Our international branch is in Burnaby, Canada. We intend to expand to the UK and the United States in the future.

We chose to specialize in SEO as we noticed that the market does not offer a Full SEO System in which all digital assists that make a website really work were not being addressed. So we have developed a process to answer this concern, which is known as The Web Anatomy Effect. This method relies on the most Modern approach to Domain Management, Website hosting, Website management, SEO, Business Operational Digital Assets and Website Development.

True SEO takes time and a whole lot of effort, we work hand in hand with your team to guide your project to completion. Our project management skills are second to none. We pride ourselves on our transparency and the willingness to have all your assets and data available to you upon request. This is a huge process for any business, the amount of information and knowledge you will be exposed to will blow your socks off. In light of this each Web Anatomy Stuff member will always strive to ensure your question and request is attended to. So please feel free to ask away.

Yes, we do, only the best Website hosting possible. What makes our website hosting the best?

We have searched across the world to find the best possible servers for any website’s requirements. We offer Dedicated and VPS Servers.

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