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Search Engine Optimization is what we know. We always aim to beat the global benchmark and improve our score for every client we can!

Technical SEO

Technical Search engine optimization focuses on your website's structure and performance, this includes fixing broken pages, reconnecting page links, and improving structured data and page load speed.

On-page SEO

On-page Search engine optimization is the SEO which focuses on your website's individual pages and the strong content, keyword placement, headers and internal linking structures.

Off page SEO

Off-Page SEO encompasses all the SEO techniques that happen off-site which includes social platforms and local SEO methods all working together to better your organic rankings.

SEO with Key factors

Each type of Search engine optimization has its key factors that need to be focused on. We break down some of these key factors below.


There is a range of technical requirements including mobile friendliness, page load speed and improving website structure all of which affect your website’s performance.


In order to index your website effectively it is important that the search engine robots can “crawl” (navigate) your website efficiently without seeing any errors or broken links.


No matter how many errors are fixed or technical issues are resolved on your site without your website being indexed on Google’s database no users will see your site.

Local SEO

Local search engine optimization can be used to bolster your results on platforms like Google My Business and Google Search increasing your views by potential customers.

User Journeys and Content Optimization

Curating your website users’ journey and optimizing each content path the user would venture on ensures each user can navigate your site better.

SEO Packages

We offer a range of search engine optimization packages that will suit every business’s needs. Whether your website is still in the concept phase or whether your website is well established we have suitable SEO options for you.

Level 1

  • SEO level 1 (up to 1 hours per month)
  • Google indexing
  • Site Maps
  • Home page Optimization

Level 2

  • SEO level 2 (up to 2 hours per month)
  • Keyword Allocation and research
  • SEO System Usage
  • Up to 8 -page website

Level 3

  • SEO level 3 (up to 4 hours per month)
  • Google Active indexing
  • Site Map Management
  • Up to 8 -page website and achor page creation

Search Engine Optimization Blogs

To understand search engine optimization and why it is important for your website, you can look at some of the articles our team has put together for you.

Website Management

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