Website Optimization

Our SEO team can provide you with ad hoc assistance for any common error experienced on your website and we are known for assisting with some of the most complex errors found on WordPress websites. We will also assist with all once-off SEO errors to improve your website rating.

Website Optimization Explained

Website optimization is the process of improving your website’s search engine optimization score to have a better ranking in the search engine results.

Website Auditing

We will conduct a full website audit on your site and provide recommendations for any errors that are uncovered in the audit, we can then address each error.

Website Error Repair

Our specialist team will conduct a thorough investigation into the error being given by your website and we will then confirm with the client prior to error repair.

Website Performance

Website performance includes mobile friendliness and page load speed. These are website needs that can be addressed individually by our SEO team.

Common Website Errors and Repairs

Some of the most common website errors our team encounters are listed below. These are errors that while common are not always easily resolved and can cause further implications for your website users. 

Page Not Found

Almost anyone using the internet has seen a 404 error or page not found error. This error means that your browser contacted the website server but the server could not find the requested page. 

Broken Links

We often find our client’s social platforms and their websites aren’t always connected correctly, this can directly impact their search engine optimization score and prevent relevant data from being gathered.

Bad Request

Another common website error code we encounter is an error 400 bad request error. This error can be caused by incorrect URL’s or an API application request was set up, maybe even the API itself.

Emails Not Sending

Most websites have either an email address or contact form which allows users to communicate with the website admin, send enquiries place orders etc. We assist in getting your communication working.

What we do with Website Optimization and SEO

We have listed below some of the factors our team focuses on to improve a website’s search engine optimization score to improve organic rankings.

The User Journey

A key factor in understanding your websites ability to perform is to look at your website from the user's point of view and focus on ensuring your layout, content and CTAs support that journey.

Technical SEO

Every website needs to load in an acceptable time or users will leave your website before they have even had a chance to scroll past your websites menu. The data says 1-2 seconds is all you have.

User Experience

As part of the audit process we will determine if there are any changes we can make to improve your users overall experience on the website. This is proven to encourage more time spent on your website.

Mobile Optimization

Over 90% of the worlds population accesses the internet on their cell phones. Our team is here to assist you in making sure your website is fully capable of adapting to the mobile screen of all devices.

Micro Schema Data

The Web Anatomy is able to assist you with your micro schema data which is the structured organisation of metadata within your content. This is what allows your content to be read effectively by search engines.

Google Indexing

The next step after a website being crawled is the process of adding your websites content to the search engines index. We assist in getting all your content indexed correctly to improve SEO ranking.

Common website error and optimization information

Some website errors are more common than others, we have compiled some useful information explaining errors and optimization techniques that will assist you.

Website Management

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