Website Maintenance

Website Maintenance Services

Websites need ongoing maintenance to keep performing.

Like most aspects of a business, your website needs ongoing maintenance such as theme and plugin updates to ensure your website is functioning at its peak at all times. We know how difficult it is to remember to do everything which is why our maintenance services allow you to leave your website in trusted hands knowing it will be maintained and backed up on a regular basis.

Regular Updates

Websites have various plugins, a theme, APIs and other features which need to be updated and checked on a regular basis so we know they are working.

Monitor Uptime

If your website gives a user an error message or doesn't come up then you have lost a potential customer. We monitor your uptime, keeping you online.

SEO System

All our website maintenance clients have access to the Web Anatomy SEO system which allows us to monitor and assess your website easily.


We check and submit all your updates and changes to the search engine for swift indexing and easy monitoring of feedback to make updates to keywords etc as needed.

What we do

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Hosting Services

Web Anatomy offers managed hosting solutions as well as VPS hosting solutions for websites of all sizes and needs. All our hosting solutions include support with Web Anatomy.
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On-Page SEO

We offer on-page search engine optimization for businesses who are looking to improve their organic SEO rank. On-page SEO is the optimization of web page content.
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Website Development

Our websites are built using SEO - friendly practices and easy-to-navigate layouts giving your users and search engines a website that is mobile-friendly and simple to use.

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