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On-page SEO Services

On-Page Search Engine Optimization is one of our core focuses.

On-page SEO refers to the practice of optimizing the content and features of each webpage for the benefit of search engines and website users. Some examples of on-page SEO techniques include keywords, and on-page content such as headers, images and metadata.

On-page Audit

The first step in getting your search engine optimization process started is to conduct an audit which will assess your current on-page SEO.

Address Errors

Next, we would start addressing any errors or 'quick fix' items that came up during the on-page SEO audit to start improving your SEO score.

Plan Content

Our team will send you recommendations on how we can update or add to your current website content to increase keywords etc.

Implement Change

As we receive and create new content for your website we will update and index your new content with the search engines to improve your SEO rank.

What we do

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Website Management

Any website that is built requires constant monitoring, updating plugins, checking website features are still working as intended and backing up your website regularly so that your business is protected online.
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Technical SEO

Technical SEO deals more with the functionality of your website than what users see on the website. Some of the SEO practices of technical SEO include sitemaps, web page load speed, and your website site structure.
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Hosting Service

The hosting environment directly impacts your website's SEO rank and as such we offer a selection of hosting products which are suitable for any size website regardless of the space and resources your website needs.

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