June 27, 2023

​​B2B Marketing the Web Anatomy Way

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B2B Marketing gets thrown around like some sort of holy grail of marketing. The reality is, with over 3.2 billion people on social media globally, understanding how to market on various social media platforms is the holy grail.


Where is the holy grail live these days? LinkedIn. If you’ve been reading the stats you’ll have read that something like 97% of all social media leads is generated through LinkedIn B2B.  My math may not be great but I know I can’t market to 3.2 billion people. I need a better-refined audience and message. Ok, we’ve agreed LinkedIn is the place. What’s next? 


The challenge for any business is the absolute cybernetic ton of articles and research on the value of using social media for B2B marketing. How do you sort through the mess to find strategies that will work for you and your business?


How do you get found? How do you as a business owner become a Master Marketer of Digital, The Supreme Social media Savant the… well, you get the idea. How can you as a business owner get tapped into that vast Digital market without getting buried in the information or becoming an expert?


The short answer is don’t. Now before you judge me harshly let me explain why. There is an amazing book I read many years ago called the “The E-Myth” which when I last checked has grown into an entire series of books on running a small business. I won’t go into the details of the book, suffice it to say it has some great points and coins the phrase “work on your business, not in it”. 


In other words, don’t fall into the trap of trying to do everything yourself. It seems like good advice, right? Again, I’m not providing a full set of notes on the book. You can find the whole series on Amazon if you’re interested. Let’s stay on point here. You are very good at what your business does. You may not be as good at what your business doesn’t do. So like any skill that you don’t have, Hire it!


Now we have changed the problem from, how do you do B2B marketing on Social Media, to, how do you find a partner who will tailor your B2B marketing to your budget and needs? Someone who will spend some time to listen to you, understand your goals and then work with you to get a plan of action in place. There are a lot fewer articles on that. 


That’s exactly where companies like Web Anatomy come in. They’re very good at Digital Marketing and in particular B2B Marketing using social media. Being good is one thing but you want a partner who will sit with you to understand your needs and goals. Analyze your current data to identify gaps and opportunities and then create a plan with you,  suited to your business objectives without breaking the bank. 


Web Anatomy acts like your personal Digital Assistant. They take care of the details, they do the homework to understand your current digital presence and what’s working or not. So when you’re looking for a partner, don’t just focus on the technical talk. Make sure they are there to help you succeed. 


To recap, when it comes to B2B marketing you can do a lot of research, build a showcase page, add a call to action links, get some content flowing, start a campaign or,  you can make a note to call a professional.


Both strategies will work and you need to pick the one you’re comfortable with. For me, I know my time is valuable and I know the value of partners who have skills that I don’t. That’s what makes teams so powerful! 


My B2B marketing to-do list? What qualities and approach do I want from my B2B Digital Marketing partner? 


B2B marketing actions, check! Now you can spend more time on your business. The end result, your business flourishes, and isn’t that what it’s all about?