June 26, 2023

10 ways Digital Marketing grows your business in 2021


10 ways Digital Marketing can help grow your Business in 2021:

Let’s explore 10 ways digital marketing can grow your Business in 2021. The online marketplace is constantly developing and just waiting for your business to utilize. Digital marketing is the key to utilizing this marketplace and ensuring your business attracts the right type of customers.

What is Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing is the part of marketing that takes place online. It makes use of various technologies such as computers, laptops, smartphones, Ipads, tablets etc. To advertise your product or service online. It makes use of SEO, Websites, social media platforms, paid for clicks advertising, keywords, AdWords, Google Analytics and many more programmes to promote your business to the right audience. 

In the following points we will be discussing ten ways in which digital marketing can help your digital brand and business grow:

Building your Digital Brand:

 A digital brand is an important part of your business’s brand, this is a combination of digital marketing and internet branding. Digital marketing provides various platforms in which your business can develop its online brand and be verified by having customers reviewing your business on their favourite social media platform. This builds authenticity with both Google, and thus improving your Google scores, as well as future clients feeling more comfortable with associating with your brand. 

Building business longevity:

In order to ensure your business is successful you need to be attracting the right viewer to your online platforms. Having random viewers on your website or social media platforms will online increase your bounce rate and not your sales. A high bounce rate indicates that your digital marketing is not attracting your target audience. With strategic marketing strategies designed specifically for your target audience you can ensure the right type of viewers is accessing your online platforms. Bringing in the right audience leads to a higher conversion rate and more sales.  

Save on Marketing Costs:

 Digital marketing is more cost-effective than traditional marketing and has been proven to result in more leads. Also with today’s current pandemic it is the safer and more reliable option. 


Evens out the playing field:

 An online marketplace offers a marketplace that allows all businesses, despite their size, to compete fairly and attract customers. This allows for smaller businesses to get a share of their target market without having to spend thousands on marketing costs. With a few well designed digital campaigns and the correct keywords any business can attract the right customer. 

Get accurate data on your Marketing Campaigns:

Through the use of conversation optimization (Google Analytics) businesses can measure their conversion rates, how each marketing campaign performed and use the data to create target-specific campaigns which bring in more leads. Companies used to spend thousands on collecting and analyzing data in order to figure out which campaigns were the most effective. But now online marketing programmes provide data in an easy to understand manner that takes minutes to obtain. 

Building your Brand’s Reputation:

 Engaging with your customers on a variety of platforms while remaining consistent to your brand’s mission statement shows your customers your work ethic. Your engagements with your customers also proves your integrity and how you deal with difficult situations. This results in your customers trusting your brand and being more likely to recommend your business to others. 

Marketing plans speed up Business Growth:

According to Google, businesses that have integrated digital marketing strategies into their marketing plans have seen a 2.8 times better growth expectancy than businesses who have not. Why? Because on average 81% of customers conduct market research online before making a purchase. If you have an effective digital marketing strategy your business will perform positively in online searches. 

Digital Marketing reaches mobile users:

 Digital marketing also connects your business to mobile customers. Mobile devices have become a multipurpose tool that is used for a variety of things, one of which is to do research on what to spend your money on. Being mobile friendly allows your business to effectively influence mobile users purchasing decisions. Having an AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) website allows for your website to be mobile friendly and with a quick load speed. 

Digital Marketing is constantly developing:

Using new technologies such as Calls-To-Action buttons and other new innovative designs, businesses can use digital marketing to entice their customers into purchases or forming a relationship with their business. New methods and programmes are constantly being developed to improve digital marketing and search engine optimization techniques. This means your marketing strategies will keep changing and adapting to these new techniques which results in your brand looking more modern. 

Building long-lasting relationships:

Lastly digital marketing makes your business interact effectively with the global online community and become interconnected to your target audiences. Both old and new clients can stay up to date with your brand through the use of your website, social media platforms and other online platforms. Building lasting relationships with your customers has become a prominent part of survival for businesses. 

By implementing a comprehensive digital marketing strategy and making use of modern technologies such as AMP’s, Google Analytics, Social Media platforms etc. Web Anatomy is able to successfully market your business online.