June 27, 2023

What is Dedicated Hosting?

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What is Dedicated Hosting?


Dedicated hosting is also known as dedicated hosting service, managed hosting or having a dedicated server for your website. Dedicated hosting is a type of online or internet hosting where a client ‘rents’ an entire server for their website and the server is not shared with other businesses or websites. 


Dedicated hosting is the term used to describe a web hosting service where the client receives their dedicated server and does not share the server or its resources with another client. Dedicated hosting is recommended for larger, more complex websites that receive a large number of visitors each month. 


What are the benefits of dedicated hosting?


Here are the top 4 reasons why you should consider dedicated hosting:


  1. Improved Security: With a dedicated server there is limited access to your server and its resources, meaning all personnel who can access your server have been vetted by you. You can also be assured that you are not sharing your server with a malicious website or a website that will negatively affect your website.


  1. Increased Performance and Speed: Having your own server means you are not sharing its resources with other websites, the server’s CPU core, RAM and drive space is dedicated to your website alone. Meaning your load speed will be faster and your website’s functionality will be better than it would be on a shared server.  


  1. Exclusive IP Address: Each server produces its own IP address, on a shared server your website will share its IP address with the other websites on your server but with dedicated hosting your website will not have to share its IP address with an unknown website. An IP address is important for your website’s security and SSL, it can also affect your reputation if you share your IP address with a malicious or ‘adult’ website search engines will automatically decrease your SEO scores.


  1. Increased Flexibility and Adaptability: On a dedicated server you can request for customization of the server’s configuration, meaning you can change the server’s processing power and storage capacity to meet your website’s specific needs. You can also upgrade your server’s RAM or CPU easier if it is only being used by your company. This means that as your needs change your server can adapt to suit your needs, ensuring your website is always running at its best. 


Web Anatomy’s Dedicated Hosting Service:


The Web Anatomy team has set out to deploy cutting-edge technology that is centred around providing private, managed and dedicated hosting packages that aim at boosting your brand’s performance, reputation and reliability.


We have implemented our unique optimization techniques on each of our servers to bring you world-class hosting packages that improve your website’s overall functionality and performance.


Our Hosting Packages Feature: 


  • Free SSL
  • Basic SEO
  • 16 GB RAM
  • 512 GB SSD
  • 8 core / 16 thread 
  • Intel Xeon-D CPU 


If you are looking for a dedicated hosting service then contact us at Web Anatomy SEO to discuss your options on: https://webanatomyseo.com/contact-web-anatomy/