June 27, 2023

What are the top 5 SEO Audit types?


Let’s differentiate between the following types of SEO audits; on-page, technical, website, content and off-site SEO audits, and discuss how audits benefit your business.

Let’s define the 5 top SEO audit types:

On-page SEO audits:

On-page SEO audits focus on the general functionality and layout of each page of your website. It is used to check things such as your keywords, HTML code, content, the speed of your website and the general look and feel of your website. On-page SEO audits are easily available on the internet and provide overall views on your website without looking too much analysis. This audit is generally the first step in auditing your website as it will show you the most obvious issues with the website and provides you with quick fixes to temporarily increase your website’s SEO. Although it is easy to obtain this SEO audit yourself, interrupting the data provided is another story. The reports generated from online SEO tools use terminology specific to the digital world, and someone without the correct knowledge will struggle to correctly interrupt the report without hours of google searching. When it comes to SEO audits you are not paying for the information, you are paying for the auditor’s time and expertise.

Technical Audits:

A technical audit is a more in-depth audit that is done on the coding and links of the website. It delves deep into the actual design of the website and is used to determine how the website itself can be optimized to improve its performance. Something as small as the type of font you have chosen can affect how your website is read by Google and other search engines. Technical audits focus on the backend of your website and its health. It provides specific details on what is causing your website to load slower or not respond as expected. Your hosting environment is also assessed to determine if it is slowing your website down or affecting its reliability. During this analysis, your website’s responsiveness is also checked,  (responsiveness is your website’s ability to adapt to different screen sizes on different devices) which in this mobile age knowing if your website fits on your customer’s phone is a must!

Website SEO Audits:

A website audit is a combination of an on-page and technical audit as well as an industry analysis. This is an overall look at your website’s performance in its industry and provides a detailed analysis that can be used to create a 6 or 12 months SEO strategy. This audit is used to determine the best course of action to increase your website’s search engine rankings, position in search engine marketing, Google my business appearances, website visits and what drives the most traffic to your website. In this audit, a basic competitor analysis is also done to provide you with insight on what your competitors are doing that is proving to be successful and how you can change your strategies to better compete with them. 

Website Content Audits:

During this audit, everything on your website is read, assessed and determined to be useful or not. It includes all your blogs, digital news releases or press conferences, downloadable pdfs, image tags, headlines, descriptions, online campaigns, product descriptions, automated responses, online content, replies to comments or questions and video content to name a few. Google crawls this information looking for specific keywords and other tags that allow it to be categorized correctly. If your content is read or understood incorrectly it will be marked as irrelevant, decreasing your SEO score. In this audit, all your content is analyzed to ensure it is relevant to your brand, promotes your business and improves your online standing. The report generated from this audit will inform you of what is bringing in your customers, what is making them hit those call-to-action buttons and what is making them leave. 

Off-site SEO Audits:

An off-site audit is an audit of all the external links and funnels that send customers to your website. For example your social media channels, back-links, reference sites, external links, Google My Business etc… These are assessed to determine if search engines are correctly reading them and marking them as relevant or as dangerous. Dangerous links negatively affect your rankings and authority with search engines thus dropping your SEO scores. Your external channels such as your social media accounts have their content and reputations assessed to ensure they are portraying your brand in a positive light. This audit also performs the paramount task of determining how many indexable items your website has for the search engines to categorize. The more indexable items you have the better the search engines will understand what your website does and which customer it can satisfy. As that is a search engine’s job, knowing how search engines are categorizing and understanding your website will ultimately determine where they place you in the search results. 

SEO Audits require a lot of time and effort to be precisely interrupted. Getting the data is only 20% of the job, the other 80% is sorting through the data to find what is useful to you and then determining what is the best course of action.

What are the 10 benefits of SEO Audits?

  1. Increase the ROI on your digital marketing. 
  2. Provides actions that will improve your website.
  3. Understand your target audience and their preferences. 
  4. Data Collection and Interpretation – understand your data.
  5. It will help you improve your website’s overall performance.
  6. Competitor Analysis – know your competitors and their habits.
  7. Know what’s working and what’s not – don’t waste your money!
  8. 6 to 12 month SEO strategy aimed at your industry and customers.
  9. Provides insights on your most successful digital marketing strategies.
  10. Audits will tell you which keywords are bringing in clients and which aren’t.

The Web Anatomy team believes that SEO audits are best done in combinations to fully comprehend the data and what is the best course of action for your business. This is what makes our SEO Audits different from other companies and more comprehensive than the standard SEO audit generated by bots or software. For more information or a free basic SEO audit on your business’s website contact us on the following:


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