Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is the process of regularly checking your website, some of the following tasks should be performed to ensure that your website health is in perfect order:

Monitoring for errors

Performing Updates

Ensure continued traffic growth

Monitor website security

Ensuring that You CMS and PHP are updated regularly

Consistently performing these routine website maintenance practices will improve your SEO, Google ranking and User experience.


Web Anatomy offers three website maintenance packages to ensure your business stays online all the time:


For A New Business

  • Level 1 SEO
  • Monthly Backups
  • Monthly Updates
  • Emergency Support
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Unlimted website updates*


For A Well-Established Business

  • Level 2 SEO 
  • Weekly Backups
  • Weekly Updates
  • Emergency Support
  • 24/7 Uptime Monitoring
  • Level 1 Speed Optimization
  • 1 Hour Strategy session per month
  • Google Analytics Integration 
  • Unlimted Website Updates*


For An E-commerce or Multi-functional Business

Level 3 SEO

Daily Backups

Priority Support

Weekly Updates

Emergency Support

24/7 Uptime Monitoring

Level 2 Speed Optimization

2 Hour Strategy session per month

Google Analytics Integration

Unlimited Website Updates*

Google My Business Updates 


Find the right package for you

Why choose a Web Anatomy maintenance package?

Our maintenance packages ensure that all parts of your website function efficiently. A website has multiple features such as the hosting environment, updates, a content management system, search engine optimization, copy, blogs, analytical tools and plug-ins. We manage all of these keeping them updated and running smoothly. 

Not only do we manage the backend of your website but we also ensure the frontend of your website looks professional on both desktop and mobile devices. Web Anatomy analyzes your website’s designs, functionality, user-friendliness and how mobile-friendly it is in order to improve your website. Allowing you to constantly adapt and improve your website to suit the current industry trends. 

Web Anatomy also monitors your website’s uptime, load speed and response time to enquiries. When a website is run correctly it garners authenticity and authority with search engines. This means that when a client searches for your products or services the search engines will place you higher in the search results. Our methods grow your authenticity and authority organically in your industry, thus making you appear higher in the search results. 

We also use Google Analytics to improve your website and how your clients interact with your website. This interaction is important because it provides your clients with an impression of your brand. We use Google Analytics data to improve your client’s experience and provide insights on what your clients prefer on the website allowing you to build a complete picture.

Why is Google Analytic Integration so important?

Targeted Marketing

We use google analytics data to learn which users are most likely to convert into clients and which clients have a higher revenue rate. Using this data we can streamline your advertising campaigns on all of your digital platforms, generating more leads and conversions. By connecting your analytics with Google Ads, Ad Manager, Display and Video 360 you can create and spread your advertising campaigns to a larger targeted audience.

Adaptability and API’s-

Using the data gathered from google analytics we can determine which web pages perform the best and which perform the worst. Meaning we can adapt your web pages to suit what your clients prefer and respond to. The configuration API’s assist in keeping your website programmatic and flexible. Also allowing you to stay up to date with the industry trends.

Invaluable Information Source

The data Google Analytics collects provides easy to understand and user-friendly reports of a huge amount of information. This data can be used to further improve your website and marketing plans.
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