Web Anatomy is more than just a business we are your digital partners, we believe in you and your brand. In the digital world, your brand is your reputation so allow us to grow and develop yours.

About Web Anatomy

Who we are.

Our digital journey began in 2013 and we have since evolved our business into the comprehensive agency known as Web Anatomy. As of November 2019 we have officially opened our first international branch in Burnaby, BC, Canada and the second in London, UK which will launch by March 2020. 

We are a full turn-key Digital Optimization Firm that specializes in optimizing a company’s website and virtual office to increase performance and provide your business with a digital communication network in which will improve your productivity. 

Understanding how to optimize your brand is our way of thinking.

We optimize your digital channels using our unique full turnkey data-driven strategy. Bringing your customer a real life experience with your brand in a perfectly digital way.

Understanding each aspect of digital channels such as social media, search engine optimization, website design, hosting, content etc… Is a daunting task already, making them all work together and towards the same goal is even more so. That is what we do for you. We take all the digital pieces and put them into the puzzle that is your digital marketing strategy.

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Unique Features

  • Benefits of Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is essential for businesses. In order to stay relevant and competitive your  business needs to have a strong online presence. It is also more cost-effective, has a wider reach and produces specific data for targeted marketing.

  • What is a Digital Office

    Your digital office is a working environment in which your information is stored online and organized electronically. This maximizes productivity, has greater security, is easier to access and search through which also results in better customer service.

  • Wordpress care the Web Anatomy way

    Wordpress websites are specifically designed to be SEO friendly and are able to be optimized for efficiency and speed.

  • Why a great host is important

    Hosting is important for a business to have a good reputation. A reliable, fast and secure host is essential for a productive website and for building your customers trust in your brand.

  • Seo is the key to online success

    Having a good SEO score means appearing higher on the list of businesses that comes up when a customer does a search. Customers trust the search engine and therefore will trust your business if it appears higher on the list. SEO also assists with your social media marketing as well as your reputation.

  • Benefits of Social media Marketing

    Social media is definitely being used by your customers. Social media improves your brands accessibility and helps you build relationships with your customers. It also allows you to target your audience better and boosts your SEO ranking to name a few benefits.